To the Faithful Departed – thank you Dolores O’Riordan

I’ve never fully grasped the loss that some experience when an icon passes.

Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse – they are all legends without doubt, and I appreciate and enjoy their music. I’ve just never quite sensed loss on a personal level when an artist passes.

Until now.

When I heard the sad unexpected news of Dolores O’Riordan’s passing my word seemed to shift a little. I was instantly transported back to the 90’s – flooded with memories and nostalgia.

The Cranberries were the first concert I somehow convinced my parents to allow my 16 year old self to go to. I’ve seen them in every city I ever lived in. Belting out every word and hanging around stage doors after.

High school, college, grad school….. even as young expecting mother I’ve loved every moment of watching the Cranberries perform live.

I was a fan from the very beginning.

 Zombie made the conflict in Northern Ireland something tangible for my generation of American teens. No longer was it only something our parents followed on the evening news – it was real when we heard it over the radio waves.

War Child and Sarajevo further opened my eyes to what was happening in the world.

There isn’t a single Cranberries song that doesn’t resonate and evoke memories.

I found strength and triumphed over bad relationships listening to Daffoidl’s Lament.

Dreams quickly became an anthem of my ambition to one day live in Ireland. It was played on our wedding day and continues to be my favourite song.

In 2010 I embraced motherhood listening to You & Me and Animal Instinct.

Tomorrow reminds me to embrace this life while I can because tomorrow can be too late.

It is music that anchors us to memories and to the people we share those memories with.

In knowing there will be no more new music to help create such special memories – therein lies my strong sense of loss.

For all the memories, and all you’ve gotten me through, thank you.

Rest in Peace Dolores.

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