Hi there! Welcome to This Irish Life

In 2004 I fulfilled a lifelong dream obsession and moved to Cork City, Ireland on a 2 year work contract. With two suitcases and a strong desire for adventure and travel I left everything and everyone that was familiar and comfortable and threw caution to the wind. Since then more than a few life altering things happened:

  • 1 week after landing in Cork I met the Irish man of my dreams (ThisIrishDad).
  • 2 years later we moved in together along with his daughter (ThisIrishSister).
  • 3 years after that we got married in my small hometown in Upstate NY.
  • 4 months later we found out we were pregnant and a baby girl arrived (ThisIrishGirl).
  • 5 years later the four of us,  along with ThisIrishBoy, the dog, and two cats bought our own little piece of Irish land.

It’s been more than a decade since I moved to Ireland. Somedays I feel more Irish than American, and at the same time I am still learning new things about my new homeland every day.  I love both living in Ireland and being from Upstate New York.

Feel free to email me at thisirishfamily at  gmail dot com

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