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Book of the week: Oh the Places You’ll Go

Book of the Week reading together

Reading together is big in this house. 

I don’t need to tell you all the reasons why reading is important-you’ve heard them all before.  

But, each week I am going to share with you the books we are reading along with our family favourites in case you need some  inspiration in your house. 

“You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So… get on your way!” 

-Dr. Seuss


It’s back to school week!!  I can’t think of a better way to build a kid’s confidence and excitement at the start of  a new school year than reading the Dr. Seuss classic Oh The Places You’ll Go.

We love Dr. Seuss!!!  Every Dr. Seuss book brings out squeels of laughter at bed time!  Did you know World Book Day in Ireland, UK & America takes place in early March to commemorate Dr Seuss’ birthday on 2nd March?

Oh The Places You’ll Go is true to all Dr. Seuss’ books with a story filled with silly rhymes that makes it easy for youngsters to listen too.  It’s colourful illustrations make it a visual work of art much like all Dr. Seuss books.


The story itself is about a main character who is off on his way….it draws on the journey that is life.  Through his own whimsical way, Dr. Seuss encourages the reader to not be sidelined by the challenges life throws.

I love reading this book whenever life seems to get a bit challenging for our little ones.  It’s a simple way to remind them they are pretty great and will do great things.

Be warned though- I’ve had to discreetly wipe a tear from my own eye more than a few times, but I tend to be an emotional wreck & cry at Christmas commercials.  If you’re like me don’t say I didn’t warn you!

This book makes a great gift for anyone starting a new chapter in life. It’s often given as a graduation gift in the US to young children finishing kindergarten, graduating high school, college of even med school.  I’ve known super organised parents who bought the book the year their child started school and had every class teacher write a note to their child at the end of the year….what a gift!

I’ll never be that organised!!



*This post contains affiliate links for Bookdepository.com  That means if you purchase any book through link provided I get a small percentage.  It doesn’t mean they have asked me to recommend any specific books, the books I mention are all ones we know and love in our house.  

It doesn’t matter where you get your books just get them!!!  BUT….Bookdepository.com does offer FREE shipping to just about everywhere..who doesn’t love FREE?!?

Also… Since January 2016 joining all  city and county libraries in Cork are FREE!  You really have no excuse not to check out some new books!

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