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Book of the Week reading together

Reading together is big in this house. I don’t need to tell you all the reasons why reading is important because you already know that.  In our Book of The Week Series we share the books we are reading and our family favourites in case you need some reading inspiration in your house. 


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Remember when I told you books are our go-to baby gift?  I kinda stole the idea from a colleague at work after she gifted us a copy of her own children’s favourite storybook when This Irish Girl was born.

That book was Peepo! By Allan & Janet Ahlberg – and it instantly became a true family favourite.

Originally published in the late ’70s the book cover boldly states it is ‘the BEST book every published for babies.’  It actually just might be.

I had never heard of Peepo!  before receiving it as a gift-  and I have since shipped it to just about every new baby I can think of in the U.S.   Time and time again friends have told me how much joy the book has brought to their family.

This Irish Family- Book of the Week - Peepo!

Set in the 1940s, Peepo! takes the perspective of a  baby going about his day and taking notice of things around him.  The rhyme and repetition carries throughout the book making it an easy and fun read for both parents and children.   Each page has a ‘peep-hole’ cut into it showing small piece of what’s on the next page.

The Dad in the story gradually gets into a military uniform throughout the day and an adult reader will infer he’s headed off to the War.  The book ends with the baby being put to bed ‘fast asleep and dreaming.’ Throughout the book there is a warm since of family togetherness that I love.

Peepo!  is a beautiful picture book.  Each page is filled with detailed pictures of life in wartime England.  These illiustruations  combined with some old school vernacular (I.e. pushchair) make for some great discussions as young children grow.  Every second page also has a ‘peep-hole’ cut out of it where the baby peeks through and readers can see what’s coming on the next page.  This is a big hit with younger readers along with the rhymes and tone of the book.

Overall,  Peepo! is a quick read at bedtime that allows for children to grow as readers.  Young children will benefit from the rhyme & repetition,  the pictures lend to discussion with growing children about the world around them and how things have changed since wartime England, and early readers will learn to recognise the repetitive words on each page!

Peepo! is a classic story that belongs on bookshelf in every house!

What books do you think should be included in our BOTW series?  Leave a comment below and let me know! We’re always looking for new books to read in this house!

**  Since January 2016 joining all city and public libraries in Cork are FREE!  You really have no excuse not to check out some new books!

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