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Our Easter Traditions

I love Easter.

Some of my favourite childhood memories are from Easter.  Springtime. Chocolate.  Cute little bunnies and chicks. Easter egg hunts.  What kid doesn’t love all of that?

As a parent I might just love Easter even more.

In our house Easter morning is a very close second to Christmas morning.  It’s just about as magical as Christmas……for way less effort!!

The kids have been buzzing about Easter for weeks (with a brief hiatus to buzz about St. Patrick’s Day of course).  Now that the parade is over Easter is all they can talk about.

We do Easter big in this house….there are decorations to be put up, baking with the kids to do, decoratng Easter eggs and a few other simple traditions.

Simple traditions that make truly lovely family time and lasting memories.

Feel like trying something new this Easter with the kids?

Here are 5 simple traditions that you can start with your family this Easter to make memories that will last a lifetime.

1.  Decorate Easter Eggs

Every year growing up we dyed hard boiled eggs into bright colours and tried our best to make colourful designs on them without breaking them.  Today there are egg colouring kits in about every Euro shop around.  Each kit seems to differ a bit from the others but for the most part just boil some eggs and follow the directions.  I’ve also spotted kits with styrofoam eggs to paint which is a great idea for small kids & kids with egg allergies.

Our tradition is to boil about a dozen eggs and dye them a day or two before Easter.  I seem to be the only one in the house that actually eats the hard boiled eggs so I end up with plenty of egg mayonnaise for the week.

I found egg dyes in Lidl for cheap so we’ll give them a go this year!

2.  Make your own Easter Chocolates

It wouldn’t be Easter without chocolate.  Of course the kids will have plenty of Easter eggs but the kids love to make their own Easter chocolates too.  The beauty of making your own Easter chocs is it can be as simple or difficult as you want.

  1.  melt down milk chocolate….you could melt a variety of coloured chocolates make the chocolates really pretty, but in my life simple is success.
  2. fill plastic chocolate molds (again I’ve spotted these in most euro shops this year)
  3. freeze until solid, pop out of the molds & enjoy.

These  handmade chocolates are perfect for sharing & make a special gift for just about anyone you can think of.

Try to find the molds that make small chocolates.  The small pieces make it easier limit the chocolate consumption.  Limiting the kids to  1 or 2 pieces is easier than wrestling a whole Easter egg from them.

Here’s a tip:  Only wash those plastic chocolate molds with warm water (no soap)  it will make sure your chocolates have a lovely shine to them.

3. Plant a Jellybean Garden

This one is pure magic!  My kids have been begging to get out in the garden & plant something for weeks.  With the weather finally warming up it’s certainly time to get out there and get planting.

Imagine their excitement if you plant a handful of jellybeans that magically grow into lollipops over night!!!  The beauty of this jellybean garden is it can be done in a pot on the window sill  or outside in the garden.  Once the kids are asleep mom and dad ‘help’ the growing along by placing lollipops in the soil.  The next morning the kids find their jellybean garden has magically grown and given them lollipops over night!  Check out Beauty & Bedlam   for more info on how to plant your own magic jellybean garden.

4.  Leave a Treat for the the Easter Bunny

When she was about three ThisIrishGirl questioned why Santa was left a treat of milk & cookies and the Easter Bunny who had virtually the same job didn’t get left anything.  We couldn’t argue her logic & asked her what she thought the Easter Bunny would like to eat.  Without hesitation she answered “jam sandwiches and carrots” and a tradition was born.

5.  Have an Easter Egg Hunt

Imagine the excitement early Easter morning when the little people in your life wake to find the Easter bunny came and hid eggs all over!!  When we leave a treat for the Easter Bunny the night before Easter the kids also leave their Easter Baskets and empty plastic Easter eggs for the Easter Bunny to put treats in and hide.  We love the plastic fillable eggs because you can put so many things inside them.  Each year we fill our eggs with:

  • Jellybeans
  • Marshmallows
  • MiniEggseaster egg hunt
  • Hair ties
  • Hair clips
  • Tattoos
  • Stickers
  • Money
  • Funky socks!
  • Toy Cars
  • Lego

There really are so many things OTHER than chocolate you can fit into them.  The Easter bunny fills a basket for each kid and hides that too.  Usually small presents…books, bubbles, colour sets etc….

There are plenty of ways to have an egg hunt.  No matter what way you do it make sure you count the eggs before you hide them.  You will then know for certain if all the eggs have been found.  My kids do love it when they stumble across one or two well hidden ones in the days/weeks after Easter.

We hope whatever you get up to over Easter that you enjoy it & share it with with friends and family!


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