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Elf on the Shelf ideas in 60 seconds or less

Elf on the Shelf in 60 Seconds

It’s getting to be that time of year again!! I love Christmas and ALL the traditions that go with it.

These years of magic when the kids are little are short lived so I love making the most of it.

That being said I do have a  love/hate relationship with Elf on the Shelf or as he’s known in this house…Bruno.

Bruno came to us when ThisIrishGirl was 1.  In fact we hauled him back from the US (along with a few others for friends) before they were readily available across Ireland.

I love Bruno for the little bit of magic he brings to the house every morning in December.

I hate Bruno because at least 5 times a week I end up making a mad dash out of my warm bed in the darkness of night to move him.

So this year I plan on setting a nightly alarm on my phone to remind us and have put in a bit of forward planning.

After extensive research on Pinterest I have come to the conclusion that I don’t have enough annual leave left this year in work to pull off ANY of that so I’ve come up with some ideas to pull off  the Elf on the Shelf  in 60 seconds or less:

  1. For the big arrival on 1 December Bruno is bringing with him Christmas activity books I found at Aldi  (I’m trying these in lieu of Advent calendars this year)  I also really like the idea of the elf brining breakfast with Christmas cereal bowls.
  2. Hiding in the fridge
  3. Slumber party with the dolls on the doll bunk beds
  4. Staring out from the washing machine  (I might do this twice only because it gets me out of laundry for the day right!)
  5. Squeezed into a glass in the press
  6. Taking Barbie for a spin in the Barbie car
  7. A fun message on the white board
  8. Holding onto the medicine dispenser next to the Calpol (this was a hit last year when the kids were sick) if we have a few spare minutes we’ll add the thermometer and a bunched up tissues.
  9. Climbing the ladder on the fire truck
  10. Having a cup of tea with the tea set
  11. Building with legos
  12. Hanging off the rear view mirror in the car
  13. Reading a bed time story to teddies
  14. Drawing silly faces on framed photos with dry erase marker
  15. Sitting in the Christmas wreath
  16. Driving Santa’s sleigh – a Christmas decoration
  17. Hiding behind Captain America’s shield and/or fighting with some Ninja Turtles
  18. Whispering into Santa’s ear
  19. Calling Santa on the toy phone

That takes care of most of the month with some opportunity for us to get creative on a few other nights- if we have the time and maybe after a glass or two of mulled wine!

AND if you are more ambitious or have more time check out ThisIrishFamily on Pinterest where I’ve pinned plenty of ideas….none of which I will probably ever do myself!!!

Have any other 60 seconds or less E.O.T.S. ideas for me?  Leave a comment and let me know.

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