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The kind people at HQ- Harper Collins Publishing UK sent me an uncorrected proof of Benjamin Ludwig’s debut Novel Ginny Moon.  As someone who has worked with children with ASD for nearly 20 years I couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

Meet Ginny…..Ginny Moon.

A 14 year old girl with Autism who is trying to make sense of life in her 4th Forever Home.

Ginny finally lives in a safe and stable environment in the Blue House with her Forever Parents and yet she is relentless in her quest to return to the past with her abusive and addict mother Gloria.

With the tenacity that a person with Autism can have, Ginny Moon is adamant in her journey to the other side of forever. Along the way to finding her former life, Ginny experiences difficulties in a world that doesn’t make sense to her.  Although readers may initially consider Ginny to be a vulnerable teenage girl, they soon discover she is the true heroine of her own life.

I’ve read countless books narrated by people with autism- while many have been about boys with autism there are few written from the female with ASD perspective.  It was refreshing to have such a complex lead character with ASD be female.

Benjamin Ludwig has masterfully written a piece of fiction that reads touchingly like a memoir.  Written entirely in Ginny’s voice, Ludwig has beautifully captured the inner thoughts & dialogue of a teenage girl with ASD.  Through the complexity of Ginny’s thoughts and experiences readers gain insight into the complex world of girls with ASD.

Drawing from his own experiences as a parent who has adopted a child with ASD, Ludwig has created likeable characters trying to navigate a challenging situation.  Throughout the book readers will laugh and smile and Ginny’s brutal honesty.  Readers will have their heart strings tugged on as they ask themselves how they would react to the trials and tribulations of Ginny.

An enjoyable and insightful read, Benjamin Ludwig has created a much loved character that I hope we haven’t heard the last from.

*This post contains affiliate links for Bookdepository.  That means if you purchase any book through link provided I get a small percentage.  It doesn’t mean they have asked me to recommend any specific books, the books I mention are all ones we know and love in our house.  It doesn’t matter where you get your books just get them!!!  BUT….bookdepository does offer FREE shipping to just about everywhere..who doesn’t love FREE?!?

**  All city and county libraries in Cork are FREE!  You really have no excuse not to check out some new books!

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    It sounds very interesting Denise 🙂

    • Reply Denise June 10, 2017 at 8:13 pm

      Very interesting and an easy read

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