Lottie Dolls Review: Meet Finn & Lottie

A while back Lottie Dolls very kindly sent ThisIrishGirl and ThisIrishBoy two dolls.  If you haven’t heard about Lottie Dolls by now you should totally check them out online.  Lottie is an Irish company that values the true innocence of childhood.  They recognise that in today’s world kids need a chance to be kids more than ever and for as long as they can.  Kids need to be allowed the safety and freedom to be themselves and explore their wildest dreams.

Lottie dolls and accessories often come from inspiration from real life kids!  And they are built like real life kids with the proportions of a 9 year old (take that Barbie!)! There is no makeup or high heels or other accessories that aren’t for kids.  Lottie dolls are kid dolls for kids!

What’s not to love about an Irish business with great values right?!?

‘yeah yeah that’s all great but what did the kids think?!?!?’



Lottie’s new digs

ThisIrishGirl received the School Days Lottie.  I have to be honest and saythis was an easy sell.  She’s into dolls and I wasn’t surprised Lottie fit right in (move over Barbie!).

Lottie is a great size for the doll house she bought second hand and has been upcycling with ThisIrishDad.

I was totally into the leadership cards that came with Lottie. These cards featured leadership tips made for girls.  While I loved the cards I can’t say if ThisIrishGirl really cared about them…because they got lost fairly quikly…along with Lottie’s glasses.  The glasses were hit nonetheless since ThisIrishGirl wears them too.

There are plenty of outfits, accessories, and more Lottie dolls and I suspect some of them may feature on a certain list soon! (we hope Santa has connections inside Lottie)


Finn DollThisIrishBoy received Kite Flyer Finn and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. For weeks previous he had been in search of a ‘human’ for his play with dinosaurs and superheroes.  We had been to the toy store in search of the perfect human but none of the action figures fit the bill.

Enter Finn – a boy doll that stands on his own and looks 100% like a ‘human’ boy.

Finn is the perfect boy to act out all of ThisIrishBoy’s wildest imaginative scenarios. ThisIrishGirl has been playing imaginatively with dolls for well over a year now, but it wasn’t until Finn arrived that we began to see the true scope of ThisIrishBoy’s imagination.

Lottie has since introduced another boy doll, Junior Reporter Sammi.  I hope they continue to expand this range and allow Irish boys to Finn Dollexperience imaginative play beyond action figures and super heroes.

Overall both kids are enjoying their dolls and the conscientious parent in me is 100% behind the vision that all children should be allowed to be themselves.

Disclaimer  The kids received two Lottie dolls in exchange of a review. No fees were paid for this review.  All opinions are genuine and my own.  








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    I really need to get my twins these dolls at this stage, I am loving all the positive reviews of them

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