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Making Magic in Rovanemi, Finland

matching christmas pyjamas

There are a few places on Earth that can be identified as truly magical!  Rovaenemi, Finland is most definitely one of those places.

Santa’s home town has to be the place where the most Christmas magic is found!!

Our first trip to Lapland was December 2017 and it was pure magic.   Between visits to Santa’s Village and Santa Park we discovered ways to make even more magical memories for our family.

Matching Christmas PJs

matching christmas pyjamas

Believe Christmas Pyjamas!

Before leaving Bruno (our Elf on the shelf)  left the entire family matching Christmas PJs!!!  Since we were taking the overnight train from Helsinki to Rovaeinimi these were perfect additions to our trip!  Being last minute as I usually am we ordered ours from Pat Pat but  if you plan ahead Ali Express definitely does family matching Christmas pyjamas and jumpers.

Sledding in Rovaniemi

Snow is such an important part of the magic  Rovaniemi has to offer.  Growing up in Upstate NY snow play was a huge part of my childhood.

Snowplay when in Lapland is an absolute must!!

We threw countless snowballs, made a choir of lapland sledssnow angels and the kids spent more time in sleds than walking.

One of our best Lapland experiences  was sledding in Rovaniemi.  No frills – nothing extravagant just sledding down a local hill In Rovaniemi.  Behind the Angry Birds Park (which we was covered in snow) there is a hill that goes down towards the river.  Grab some sleds (available cheaply at most shops) and spend a few hours racing down the hill and falling off sleds together.  Whether you plan to ski or not the entire family needs snow gear for Lapland or you won’t be able to truly enjoy the snow.  We got ALL of ours from Lidl and it was perfect!  We were actually too warm a few times so dress in layers!

Embrace the Magic

lapland magicIf you are looking for a laid back holiday where the kids entertain themselves while you lounge with a book or a beer I wouldn’t recommend Lapland.   Don’t get me wrong WE LOVE those types of holidays too but Lapland isn’t one of them.  Lapland is a holiday where the whole family can be a kid again.  Whether its skiing or sitting on Santa’s lap embrace it and participate….

 Throw snow balls –
Ask Santa for something special this year –
Whisper to reindeers and hug huskys.

One of our best Lapland memories was when ThisIrishGirl was sitting on the floor in Santa Park patiently waiting for ThisIrishBoy to get his snow gear on.  It wasn’t too long before two elves sat down on the floor next to her and we were all laughing together.  It’s not every day you get a casual conversation with one of Santa’s elves and its a memory that we all cherish.

Want to learn more about our trip to Lapland and how to do it yourself? Check out our posts here.

Disclaimer *** VisitRovaniemi kindly provided us with free entry into Santa Park and some.   We were was not asked to write this review.  As always all views are our own regardless of paid or gifted.

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