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Fairies of Moanbaun Wood

Fairies of Moanbaun

Moanbaun WoodOne of This Irish Family’s favourite ways to spend time together is to pack a picnic and off to a park or wood for the day.  The weather has been good for about a week now and we’ve already had 4 picnics together!!

Moanbaun Wood

The other day ThisIrishDad and the kids headed off for the afternoon at nearby Moanbaun Wood.   Moanbaun Wood is a Coiltte forrest just outside of Watergrasshill, Co Cork.  The wood is a local favourite for walkers, and joggers alike.  When the weather is fine the wood is popular.  Local orienteering groups run events regularly.

The 3.5km walking path is easy for the whole family.  For the most part its level with a few small inclines but nothing too intense and the path is well maintained.  The highest point along the walk sits atop a plateau and provides spectacular reviews of the Galtee Mountains. More adventurous types who venture from that path will be rewarded with scenery that is rich in colour with lush green moss covering the trees.

The Fairies of Moanbaun Wood

Fairies of Moanbaun


Over the past year or so, some cheerful and creative locals have started a fairy forrest  within the wood.  ThisIrishGirl and ThisIrishBoy love stomping around and seeing all the man made fairy doors and houses among the natural ones! With each new visit the fairy wood seems to grow. There is even a tent- like structure to provide shelter from the rain. The fairies of Moanbaun Wood are a magical addition to this perfect wood for families.




ThisIrishFamily Top Tips:

  • Moanbaun Wood has a picnic area near the parking area but we love to bring a picnic blanket and stop in any number of clearings in the wood along the way.
  • Don’t let the rain stop you!  Moanbaun is well cared for and the path remains intact throughout the wet weather.
  • There are no toilet facilities in the wood but plenty of trees to hide behind if nature calls!
  • Watergrasshill village nearby has two shops for all your picnic needs!

Getting to Moanbaun:

Take M8 North and exit at Watergrasshill, take the 4th exit at the roundabout (taking the bridge over the motorway) at the next roundabout take the first exit.  Follow the signs and turn Right towards Leamlara & KartWorld.   Moanbaun Wood is about 3 km down the road.

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