Host a Pyjama Birthday Party for Kids

Hosting a pyjama birthday party

Last weekend ThisIrishGirl turned 6.  SIX.  Six is a big age.  She seemed to grow up over the summer and seeing that gives me all those emotional mommy feelings of pride and sadness at the same time.  Anyway,  6 is a big age and she had ideas for a big celebration!

Several months ago she decided on a pyjama birthday party at home and once her mind was made up there was no changing it. Pyjama birthday party it was.  Thanks to the power of Pinterest,  and one of my besties from back home party ideas were flowing.

Ok – this was a pyjama party so everyone would come in their pyjamas!  (Which meant I of course had to add  new PJs for the kids to the party supply shopping list).

Every party starts with an invitation and I found these editable free invites from greetingsisland.com they have plenty of invites that you can down load and print for free.

pyjama birthday party invite

Invite template from greetingsisland.com

Party activities were easy to come up with – there are tons you can do around a pajama theme.  ThisIrishGirl isn’t a movie lover (how is she my daughter I don’t know)  so popcorn and movies were out – but lets be honest this crowd probably wasn’t going to sit still anyway.  There were still plenty of activities  to chose from though!  ThisIrishGirl had the ultimate say in how her pyjama birthday party would go

1)  ThisIrishGirls Nail Bar/Tattoo Parlour

We recruited some older kids  (and the unfortunate moms who stuck around for the party were put to work) doing manicures and tattoos.  This is was such a hit we had to limit the number of colours on nails to 2 +1 glitter and the number of tattoos to 3!


Always the dancer ThisIrishGirl insisted on the sitting room being converted into a DISCO so we hooked up the disco lights and streamed KidzBop.   I need to give a shout out to KidzBop.  If you don’t know the KidzBop albums they make all the popular radio songs a bit more kid friendly and are song by kids. My kids could listen to KidzBop morning, noon and night.

3) DIY Pillowcases

In lieu of party bags each kid was able to decorate their own pillow case to take home with them.  We provided pillow cases, fabric markers/paints and stencils- the kids provided their own creativity and imagination.    Tip:  This is such an easy craft idea for a party!!  Fabric markers were easy to use and clean up!  Don’t forget to place pieces of cardboard inside the pillowcase to keep the paint/markers from bleeding through to the other side.

DIY pillow case

ThisIrishGirls’s very own pillowcase

4)  Food

Of course parties are also about food.  We ordered a pizza tray, chips and sausages from SuperValu and it really was excellent value. They delivered it during the party so the kids were able to eat it hot and ThisIrishDad and I were free to be playing/supervising and not stuck in the kitchen cooking!  We also ordered the birthday cake from SuperValu- I know there are moms out there that make amazing cakes- I just won’t ever be one of them!!

5)  General Mayhem

While structured play is good at any party kids love just running amok and making their own fun!!!! They were a great group of kids who made their own fun together.

We had a HUGE guest list and are lucky to have had enough space  (& helpers) to accommodate everyone.  We opted for a Cárta party  which asks that while no gifts are necessary €5 in a card is sufficient if parents/children are so inclined. A Cárta Party takes the pressure off of everyone.  Busy, cash strapped parents don’t need to make a shopping trip and equally we didn’t feel inundated with presents at the end of the party.   ThisIrishGirl had plenty of presents to open from close friends and family and she’s thrilled with the promise of a shopping trip to spend her cash next weekend.  A Cárta party might not be for everyone but it worked great for us this year!

family pyjamas

Relaxing with our feet up after a successful party

So with a very successful pyjama birthday party behind us we’re already looking forward to an Autumn filled with apples, pumpkins, Halloween & Thanksgiving in this house.

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  • Reply ShinnersandtheBrood September 20, 2016 at 12:03 pm

    Love the DIY pillowcases! I shall be keeping that one on file! 🙂

    • Reply Denise September 20, 2016 at 3:15 pm

      It was a huge hit and so easy to do!! Found them cheap at the pound shop too!

  • Reply Aedin January 25, 2017 at 11:42 am

    Great post-I particularly love the pillowcase idea!

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