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Book of the Week Series: Reading Chapter Books to Young Kids

Demi the Dressing Up Fairy Chapter Book

Reading together is big in this house. I don’t need to tell you all the reasons why reading is important because you already know that.  In our Book of The Week Series we share the books we are reading and our family favourites in case you need some reading inspiration in your house. 

***This post contains affiliate links for Bookdepository.com.  That means if you purchase any book through link provided I get a small percentage.  It doesn’t mean they have asked me to recommend any specific books, the books I mention are all ones we know and love in our house.  It doesn’t matter where you get your books just get them!!!  BUT….Bookdepository.com does offer FREE shipping to just about everywhere..who doesn’t love FREE?!?

If you’ve been following This Irish Family on Instagram or Facebook you’ll recognise this week’s book of the week from our library haul last week.  The kids and I spent World Literacy Day loading up on books at our local library!  Every kid should have their own library card!  


Anyway, this week we’re reading Demi the Dressing-Up Fairy from the Rainbow Magic Princess Fairy Series by Daisy Meadow. ThisIrishGirl will be 6 this weekend and she has been loving the Rainbow Magic since  ThisIrishBoy gave her some for her 5th birthday.   While the Rainbow Magic books  aren’t quite classics yet,  ThisIrishGirl absolutely loves them.  They are easy to read chapter books about two friends who help the Rainbow Fairies keep their magic powers away from the troublesome goblins who always try to steal it.  The chapters are short with memorable tales of mischief magic.

Each fairy book is the story of a  different fairy character.  With about 100 Rainbow Magic books you’re going to need a library card for sure!

Why you should read chapter books to your young children:

  • Reading chapter books will further grow their love of reading.
  • Chapter books have fewer pictures so young kids start setting the scenes of books in their own imagination. 
  • Chapter books teach patience and waiting.  You can’t finish a chapter book in one single night so children learn to have patience.  They learn the joy of anticipation of what’s next to come.  (think of how often you might struggle to put down a good book at night)
  • Reading chapter books together will promote your child’s listening and comprehension skills.  It provides another opportunity for your child to retain information for later….they have to remember what happened the previous night.
  • Chapter books build vocabulary.  Chapter books have lots and lots of words.  New, descriptive words for your child to learn.
  • Reading chapter books is an adventure you take together. It’s precious time together with family.


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