Storm Emma – I Needed You

I woke up this morning to the great thaw after Storm Emma – and I was sad.

I was sad to see the green grass and black road -sad to think we needed to put on real clothes and venture back out into the world.

Then realised This Irish Girl will be 8 in just over six months time.  EIGHT.

I mean obviously- I’ve known it all along, but as I watched the snow melt away the passing of time hit me like a ton of bricks.

I guess the constant family time of the past four days have made me realise time is slipping away. When are we ever going to get time like this past weekend again? Quite possibly never again in their childhood.

Thanks to Storm Emma we – like most families in Ireland were given an impromptu 3-4 days of complete togetherness.

I feel so incredibly lucky that we had it. That we were one of the lucky families who could be together and with no one needing to go to work.

We were pretty much house bound for four days. Not only were we thrust  together but it was unexpected and last minute so I didn’t have time to plan or orgnaise any ‘projects’ or ‘jobs’ for us to do around the house.  It was just four days of pure laziness and togetherness.

Our days were filled with snowball fights, winter walks, cake, snowmen, hot chocolate, frozen fingers and movies by the fire.

Sure it was annoying at times.

More than once I wanted to be able to sit on the couch without anyone touching me! Then there was the whole layering up and taking off as we ventured in and out multiple times per day! But despite all that it was a uniquely special time.


At some point with cabin fever setting in I made a conscious decision to shout less and laugh more with the kids.

Even when the snow melted today and we ventured off our road, I found myself longing to get home for one more lazy afternoon of board games and movies.

I’m not one of those people who was wishing for the snow to melt.

I was happy living in our bubble of togetherness.  It was like Christmas only less commercial and way less stress.Fours days without school, work, activities and everything else on our to-do list.  There was no running out doing jobs – there was barely even house work.

Now that togetherness is coming to an end and we are facing into reality tomorrow. I don’t think I realised it but maybe we needed these four days.

Maybe I needed them.

I’ve been so caught up in everything lately.

It seems to be hitting me again how fast these precious years are flying by.

So thank you Storm Emma for forcing us me to press pause. Thank you for reminding me of the strength I gain from togetherness and laughter.

If you could swing by again next year I won’t object.


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