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Our Summer Bucket List – How it Went and Why We’ll Do it Again

summer bucket list

At the start of the summer we felt inspired and created our Summer 2017 Bucket List.  Our list contained some aspirational ideas like camping (because we have never camped before) to the more mundane (like going out for a Sunday dinner). We tried to include as many cheap (if not free) ideas of what we could do together (like have a water fight at home).

Some people thought the idea of a summer ’to do’ list would defeat the idea of lazy summer days and pressure our family into always ‘doing.’

In contrast we found our summer bucket list allowed us to be cognizant of the summer weeks flying by.

We checked over our list from time to time of the summer.

Sometimes it was inspiration for us to get out and find an adventure.  Some days we used it as an excuse to be lazy and camp out on the couch with bowls of popcorn.

More often than not we decided to do something ELSE – something that wasn’t on the list.

Most of all it kept our family together over the summer.  Choosing (or not chosing) from our list was something we did together.  Whatever we ended up doing (or not doing) we did it together.

With the start of school looming next week we sat down to see if we achieved everything we set out to do.

We didn’t complete 100% of what was on our list this summer.  (I’m not sure we even covered 70%) Some of the things made more sense to wait for autumn/winter months. Sometimes we just didn’t want to do what was on the list.

It wasn’t about success rate or ticking off a ‘to – do list.’ Our summer bucket list was meant for a bit of fun and to remind us to make the most of summer any way we chose.

There were other positives about our list that I hadn’t expected.

  • The kids loved the idea of sitting down together and being part of the decision-making and planning on how we would spend our time.
  • Because it was our family list…there wasn’t any arguing that we were doing what one kid wanted to do more than the other.
  • We learned something about each other.  I had no idea the kids wanted to try some of the things they listed.
  • The kids learned the benefits of having a plan while being flexible to go with the flow.

While we didn’t complete 100% of our list. Our Bucket List did exactly what we set out for it to do.

It was never intended to pressure us into staying overwhelmingly busy over the summer and it didn’t.

It was meant to inspire us to find things to enjoy together.  And it so did.

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