The Wet Brush Pro

we love this brush

Well it’s pretty clear by now I am not a beauty blogger.  But I did love just about all the beauty products I received at the recent Clogger Bloggers Event in the Clarion last week!  I wasn’t the only one who loved all the treats, This Irish Girl loves makeup and jewellery already so naturally she had to have a nose through the goody bag too.

But really when I brought home a bag that suspiciously looked like a party bag and it was bursting with goodies both kids were all over it!

While This Irish Girl doesn’t need BB cream or face masks just yet she actually squeeled when she spotted the leopard print Wet Brush Pro!

Unfortunately for This Irish Girl genetics gave her my poker straight fine hair, and as a result it is CONSTANTLY needing brushing and ‘re-doing.’  Which we both dislike.

Since she was actually showing an interest in a hair brush I had already conceded it was hers.  I figured the leopard print was the attraction and this  surely this was just another hair brush.  I was so wrong.


The Wet Pro Brush


I have no idea how it works but the Wet Brush Pro just glides through her hair!!  Wet, dry, tangled…trailed through yogurt you name it and the Wet Brush Pro just glides right through!!  No lie.  It just takes all the tangles away! We’ve been using the brush for over a week now and not once has their been any tears or screams of ‘ouch.’  Neither of us dreads doing her hair before school in the morning.

In fact she loves it so much she has decided she wants to do her own hair now.!! Not only brushing her hair but we’re now trying to self style ponytails.  (it’s a work in progress)

She absolutely loves  her new Leopard Print Wet Brush and so do I.  Since I have an irrational (although I would totally say rational) fear of head lice I don’t share any head products with ANYONE, even my own kids.  So, I only got the chance to try the Wet Brush Pro once but it was enough to make me want to head out to Boots and get one as soon as I get a chance.


Disclosure:  This is not an ad although I did receive the Wet Brush Pro for free in my awesome Cloggers Bloggers event goody bag I am just a mom sharing what I think is a pretty cool brush with all the other mom’s out there who might have little girls who hate getting their hair brushed.  


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  • Reply Rachel - A Southern Fairytale September 7, 2016 at 9:32 pm

    I have crazy thick, curly, wavy, straight, temperamental hair, and my daughter has gorgeously straight hair. I think we both need one of these!!

    • Reply Denise September 8, 2016 at 2:36 pm

      I have zero experience with thick, curly hair but can relate to temperamental that is for sure.

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